a lover of the light

Hey there, my name is Lainie.

I'm a photographer & forest fairy based in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

I'm a lover of the great outdoors, tacos, hugs, bluegrass music, candid moments, sunshine, and all things green.

I can't wait to meet you, connect with you, and share in the joy of the little things in life that we'll capture on camera.

With love,

LTA Photography

"my home is with the hills and trees around me

my ceiling holds the moon and stars above

so i'll never be a lonely man a'walking

i'll never live one day without love."

-trampled by turtles

I think a lot of us had a similar start when the idea of photography came into our crosshairs. I would walk around my neighborhood taking out-of-focus pictures of flowers and calling them *chef's kiss* masterpieces.

In my teens, I waited tables for months, finally saving up enough money for my first Canon DSLR. That's when those flowers truly started coming into focus. This turned into a minor in photography from Appalachian State University, and taking the leap in starting my own business.

I've always been in tune with the little ways that love & beauty personify themselves in our world - waking up to the smell of coffee, the way the light comes through the leaves at 5 PM, a smile from a stranger.

These are the things that inspire my photography now, and my journey is far from over.

care to join me?